The Hypnosis Queen

The Hypnosis Queen
Source...The Universal Light of Life's Energy...God's Light and Energy is Within us all

About Me

Cheryl J. Savage , a/k/a C.J. Savage, ‘The Hypnosis Queen’
Certified  Hypnotherapist, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
and Past Mental Health Specialist for the State of Illinois. After
graduating from MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL, in 1984
with an Associates in Applied Sciences and in 1985 with a
Bachelors in Political Science and Social Sciences, C.J. Savage
was employed as a Mental Health Specialist by the State of
Illinois for the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (DMHDD) at Jacksonville Developmental Center. She continued her education at Sangamon State University working towards her master’s in clinical psychology when she decided to enroll in classes for hypnotherapy.

A graduate of the Hypnodyne Foundation of Clearwater, FL, she was certified in Hypnotherapy October 1991 by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) after studying under Steven LaVelle and remains a member of IACT. C.J. studied and graduated from advanced hypnotherapy in New York in 1992, while taking some time off from work at DMHDD. She opened her own hypnosis clinic in Winchester, IL on a part- time basis while working as a Mental Health Specialist. After resigning from the State of Illinois in 1993, she has had Hypnosis clinics in Springfield, Jacksonville, Bloomington and Winchester and has traveled to nearly every major city in the state of Illinois hypnotizing groups of people for hospitals, colleges, various organizations and corporations such as ADM, Archer Daniels Midland and Cargil to stop smoking, lose weight and other forms of hypnotherapy.

While C.J. Savage has hypnotized people for over 19 years with exceptional success, people become happier and healthier, transforming their mental, emotional and physical health for the better, living life more abundantly. She continues to study the power of the mind and teaches others how to utilize the mind and the energies in this world for our benefit. She helps others to heal themselves of injuries or illnesses through the power of the mind.

C.J Savage recently fell out of tree head first shattering her bones in her arm. After going to the E.R., they put a full cast on her arm advising her to see a specialist since the bones were shattered. NINE days later, she did see Dr Mark Greene, an Orthopedic Surgeon, advising her, he would need to do surgery, using a metal plate with screws and pins to repair. But she asked him if he believed in miracles and he said 'yes he did'. She was glad to hear that because she told him she didn’t think she needed any of that metal stuff to fix her arm or surgery and requested another x-ray. The new x-ray proved she was almost healed and certainly didn’t need any surgery. She had her casts off 12 days after the fall and claims her arm is actually better and stronger than it was before the accident. C.J. said Dr. Greene is a great doctor and highly recommends him. She remembered him saying he ‘believes in miracles but this is highly unusual’. When you have a good doctor that has your best interest at heart and can use some alternative methods of healing, everything works for the good.

She has helped people to heal themselves of cancer and many illnesses and has witnessed healings before her eyes that even she was more than amazed.

C.J. Savage grew up on a farm near Winchester, IL, married at 18, had two children, divorced and returned to school, graduating from MacMurray College. C.J. Savage has had the privilege of being one of the few in the world to have been personally blessed by the Pope John Paul II in January, 1981 in St. Peters Square
in front of St. Peters Basilica while on a MacMurray College tour of Europe for 33 days with Professor and Mrs. Wolf Fuhrig and 20 other students.
She was employed by the State of Illinois as a Mental Health Specialist, while continuing her education working towards her Masters in Clinical Psychology when she enrolled in hypnotherapy, opening her own clinic, resigned from the State of Illinois in 1993, married again in 1994 and divorced in 2003.